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Welcome to the site. I was trying to figure out a purpose for this site and concluded that it’s more fun to do something without one. I’m not selling photography, or travel suggestions or expressing a point of view. I suppose that if you could define Fun as a purpose, well, that’s it!

Butterfly in garden - Wes Carlson Photo
Bee has a bite - Wes Carlson photo
Gathering hay in La Connor
Port Gamble Fall - Wes Carlson photo

Earth is a beautiful planet. Actually, I do have a point of view to express. Please do your part to take care of your environment. It starts at home. Recycle, use less plastic. Consider buying organic to help cut down on poisons. 

There’s a Willie Nelson tune I like that opens with “I’ve gotta a long list of real good reasons, for all the things I’ve done”. It’s a good line to think about.

Pier in Sydney, BC - Wes Carlson

A winter in Switzerland is something to behold. 

Murren - Wes Carlson Photo
Murren - Wes Carlson Photo

Leaving winter in the Pacific NW for the warmth of Maui is something to embrace.

Wes Carlson Photography
Kihei Sunset - Wes Carlson photo
Makena Beach - Wes Carlson Photo

I used to go places to find beauty. Sometimes it’s right in front of you!

Fields of tulips and dreams - Wes Carlson
Lighthouse lighted by Sun - Wes Carlson photo

Thank you for visiting! and have some fun yourself! Let's make the world a better place.... Wes Carlson

Wes Carlson is the long time President of P.O.P. Exhibits Inc., a trade show exhibit company. He earned a California Secondary Teaching Credential before spending 2 years traveling around the world with a backpack and camera. He lived in Murren, Switzerland working as a dishwasher at the Hotel Jungfrau. He’s good with plates, pots and pans. 

Wes Carlson